We specialize in the fabrication and installation of all natural and engineered stones. Custom layouts and tedious work is our speciality.

We are one of the only certified fabricator and installers of SenSa Granite that comes with a 15 year warranty, no sealing required. Maintenance free granite at the cost of regular granite, which needs to be sealed a few times a year. Check out SenSa Granite on the material section of our site.

Silestone is the only quartz product made with an anti microbacterial agent that kills germs on contact. With its 15 year warranty makes it 1 of the best quartz products on the market.

Here is our procedure just so you have a better understanding:

Template (signed paperwork to ensure you know exactly what you ordered).
Signed final (after template we will figure out your exact square footage and provide you whit your final cost so you know exactly what to expect before fabrication begins)
Slab selection (we encourage slab selection to all our customers that are purchasing granite so you have and exact understanding of the veining and charecteristics of the particular slab you chose) Sign Final.
Reciept of your signed final (review your final cost sign and fax or e-mail back to us and the production of your project will begin)
Installation (depending on the size of your layout and the work involved, standard installation is usual 1 to 3 hours).
Job Completion Packet (you will then recieve all your completion packet with a sign off so we ensure you checked over everything. We answer any and all questions, we leave you with a maintenance guide for your specific material you purchased, and your 15 year warranty (Silestone, and Sensa Granite ONLY!).

We are one of the only companies capable of utilizing one of the worlds best templating machines, the LT-55. With this laser system everything is digital. The file from the laser gets entered into our water jet and cnc’s, this file is than read by the machine and processes your custom layout all through the laser’s file that we digitized at the time of template in your home.

What does this mean to you as our customer you ask? The answer … Perfection !!

LT-55 Laser Templating System Equipped with 3 Northwood Cnc’s.


Dual water/saw jet. Comandually edge machine.


Experience the difference for yourself !!

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