With over 20 years of expertise and experience in the Natural and Engineered Stone industry, we provide our customers with Top Quality Craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Using the latest digital technology for all our projects and keeping our customers reassured by our Seven (7) Step Customer-Service Processes.

During this process we reassure our Customers, where their project is throughout the process,—knowing how important and valuable our Customer’s time is. We make every effort to give you a Pleasurable and Worry-Free experience; fully informing our customers with prompt and timely service is our 100% guarantee.


Seven (7) Step Customer-Service Process

1. Estimate

a. DESIGN: Whether you know what you are looking for or not. We will talk over the following aspects of your project:

i. Type of Material

ii. Color

iii. Edge Profile

iv. Sink

v. Backsplash

b. SCHEDULING/APPOINTMENT: You will be given a 3-4-hour appointment windows, in which your project will be templated/installed. During this window, we kindly require the Customer to be home.

2. Template – Traditional templating consists of making a pattern in the field. When a template is scheduled , the customer kitchen must have cabinets leveled and installed. This process generally takes no more than two hours.

a. We use industry-leading LT-55 Laser Templating System technology, increasing efficiency, accuracy, and speed of templating. Digitizing will offer customers the ability to add backsplashes, corners, curves, determine seam location, and maximize efficiency of slab usage

b. Signed paperwork to ensure order agreement

3. Signed Final – Once template process is complete and exact square footage is digitally captured, an itemized Final will be generated so you know exactly what to expect before the fabrication process begins.

4. Slab Selection – 

a. When purchasing Granite, we encourage our customers to select a slab

b. We encourage slab selection to all our customers that are purchasing granite, so you have and exact understanding of the veining and characteristics of the slab you chose) Sign Final.

5. Receipt of your signed final

a. PROJECT TIMELINE: Once your project is templated and finalized, the install window is typical 5-10 business days from the template.

b. Review your final cost sign or e-mail back to us and the production of your project will begin

c. FABRICATION: During this process, your countertop vision is brought to life using the latest in digital machinery to ensure perfection.

d. RIP-OUTS: Takes the stress away from the customer; The Crew will disconnect the existing plumping and depose of the previous countertops and get ready to start the process of installing your beautiful new Marble, Granite, or Quartz countertop.

6. Installation – The final and most important step! The Crew ensures that all pieces are correct in measurements, material, and color before it departs the shop. Approx. 30-60 minutes from arrival, the customer will receive a call ensuring arrival time. From the moment we enter the door, attention to detail, care, and quality are at the forefront of the installation process. We are leaving the customer to judge the quality for themselves.

a. Depending on the size of your layout and the work involved, standard installation is usually 1 to 3 hrs.

7. Job Completion Packet (You will then receive all your completed packet with a sign off, so we ensure you checked over everything . We answer all questions, we leave you with a maintenance guide for your specific material you purchased, and your 15-year warranty (Silestone, and Sensa Granite ONLY!).